As a life long “Jeeper,” I know that the true freedom Jeep offers is the ability to leave the doors at home. There is nothing like the feeling of watching the asphalt below you as you travel down a long back road, or the smell of nature as you ride a new trail.


If you're going to travel to beautiful places,

why not see it all?


The fear of being caught in a rain storm is now a thing of the past.


I was always afraid to leave my doors at home, and trail covers were so large and difficult to install. Most of the time I would forget to bring everything I needed to keep my Jeep safe in inclement weather.


So, I invented a cover that was easy to deploy, took up little to no room in my Jeep, is so convenient that I couldn’t forget it, and was affordable.

This is how My Wet Willy came to life.


From rain protection to tailgating comfort, My Wet Willy is easy to use and protects your investment.


I'm honored that a product idea can now help fellow “Jeepers” enjoy the true freedom that Jeep intended.

- Alan Howard, Inventor & Co-Owner, My Wet Willy



Sun up. Sun down. Repeat.

At a young age I learned that hard work is the best work. I took that lesson to heart, and have started multiple businesses and helped entrepreneurs like Alan have what they need to make a great idea a reality.

My Wet Willy caught my eye and we've never looked back.


It's a simple concept, but needed intricate and technical perfection to make it right. We built a state-of-the-art facility to manufacture MWW, and every stitch and strap reminds us that we did it right.

My Wet Willy simply does what it's made to do: protect your investment and lets you roam free.


I'm honored that I helped bring a product like this to your garage.

- Will Jenkins, Investor & Co-Owner, My Wet Willy



My Wet Willy is a solution to a universal Jeep owner's problem. It's the perfect cover for times when the weather doesn't cooperate with your freedom.


Whether it's used as a temporary cover "in the wild," or as a tent cover to protect you while enjoying time with family and friends, it always has your back. And your front.

The simple design ensures that you're always covered no matter where you go.  


"Small. Easy. In and out of the bag in a minute. I'll never attach my doors again."

Sara P. - Nature Photographer